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StepNex Vision

To become the pioneer in providing the educational & professional training services in Pakistan

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Who We Are

Stepnex Services is leading Consulting Firm providing Testing, Recruitment and Technology consulting services across the globe. We operate internationally through our offices in USA, Qatar, Dubai and Pakistan since 2007. We offer a broad range of services including Testing and Recruitment Services, Human Resource Outsourcing, Technology Consulting, custom application development, mobile applications development, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Solutions and Consulting services with high quality assurance standards.

Using a global delivery model that leverages our cost-effective onshore and offshore development centers located in Virginia, Islamabad and Doha, we provide high quality solutions on schedule. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, providing value on a sustained basis, leading to mutually beneficial engagements. Stepnex Services is quality-focused company and continuously strive to attain highest organizational maturity to provide better value to our clients. Our domain skills, technology expertise, and business and engineering processes ensure that we are dependable business partners to our customers.Our management team comprises a judicious mix of technocrats and professionals with specialization in a wide spectrum of industry segments. We nurture a rich cross-cultural work environment that promotes individual and organizational excellence in everything we do. We have most experienced team of talented, committed, and highly qualified professionals who have diversified exposure to both public and private sector organizations in the field of education, finance, logistics, defense, security, manufacturing, health care and technology, including international, multinational, non- governmental and multilateral organizations.

We can’t afford or even think of deviating from our commitment to quality, service excellence, and professionalism and most importantly customer satisfaction. We are truly client-centered company and everything we do is designed around ensuring our clients’ total satisfaction. We believe that our assignment is complete, only when the client is entirely satisfied and the project is delivered or goes live.




Industry Leader to the Government Sector in South Asia,Middle East and USA

Stepnex Service is a leading company in the provision of integrated solutions including Testing and Recruitment services to the government sector in South Asia and Middle East, both at national and international level. The Company offers a wide range of advanced products and services allowing the implementation of e-Recruitment, e-Government, e-Procurement and e-Business concepts and strategies


Expert Management Team and Highly Specialized Engineers

Stepnex Services has been founded and is currently run by an expert management team with vast international experience. The Company has expanded by recruiting and retaining highly educated and specialized skilled, that are building a unique experience through the implementation of advanced Testing and Recruitment projects at an international level.


Leading Product Portfolio

Stepnex Services develops its own products, software platforms and integrated turnkey solutions for its customers with a favorable cost/quality ratio.The expertise developed is based on the latest, state-of-the-art technologies. The Company has built up a particularly strong reputation amongst its client base for quality and innovation.


Cost Effective Platforms

The relatively low cost structure and the availability of high level personnel in the primary corporate and employment locations, allows the delivery of competitively priced products, with the retention of healthy profit margins for the Company.


Strong and Diverse Client Base

Stepnex has established a high quality clientele of over 100 major customers, whose procurement schedule focuses on state of the art technologies. Stepnex progressively positions itself to the whole government sector market in the Middle Esat and Pakistan. In this field, the first clients are Government Organizations and Ministries in Pakistan, Qatar and UAE, etc. The Company has a track record of various prestigious projects and currently has a pipeline of signed projects worth more than 100 M$. The majority of the pipeline consists of various projects with organizations like the FIFA Supreme Committee, Government of Qatar, Ministry of Transport and Communication(MoTC) Qatar, Federal and Provincial Governments in Pakistan, World Bank and USAID Funded projects in Pakistan, Other Government Organizations, Ministries and government sector in Middle East, etc.


International Orientation

The Company offers its products and services to organizations in the public and private sectors, in 5 countries worldwide. These include government institutions, multinational corporations and large companies, research and academic institutions